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Wowpot 5-Reel Online Casino Slot Reviewed

Wowpot 5-Reel Online Casino Slot Reviewed

Wowpot 5-Reel Online Casino Slot

Wowpot 5-Reel is a progressive jackpot online slot machine game with a difference. It is made up of not just one slot machine game, but two, each with a different play style and system. The player may switch between the two games at will, with money being shared between the two seamlessly. Both the games have a chance of triggering the progressive jackpot, with no benefit between the two in this aspect. In other regards, however, the two games are very much different.

Wowpot 3-Reel Game

Both the two slot machine games use classic symbols that are taken from the original slot machine games. The three reel, visibly simpler in all ways then its five reel counterpart, uses the bar, cherry and sevens, with a few varieties of seven and bar to keep up variety. There is only a single play line in this game, with matching sequences being what one would expect. Notable, however, is the striped seven, which acts as a wild symbol and may be matched with all other symbols to create a winning sequence.

Wowpot 5-Reel Game

The Wowpot 5-Reel game is bigger, uses two more reels, many more symbols, boasts a total of fifteen play lines. Due to this, the player can expect to see wins occurring more often in this version of the game. Icons that are similar in style are used, but with the addition of a bell, a watermelon, a plum, and more. Note, however, that just because this version pays out more frequently, that it is not the better choice in game.

Along with the payouts being more frequent, the also tend to be generally lower in value. This means that more wins must be achieved in order equal a single win in the three reel version. In essence, the two games are the same, but for the five reel version needing to be played more often to achieve essentially the same results. The play may switch between the two as they see fit, depending on how luck seems to be swinging.

Casino Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot System

A progressive jackpot is a pool of money that constantly grows, added to by those currently playing the game, with a small amount take from each bet and added to the amount. The sum of the progressive jackpot is clearly displayed, growing tantalizingly in real time.

As to how often a progressive jackpot is won varies, and may not be for two years, or may be in just two weeks. In some slot machines the amount is rewarded completely at random, in Wowpot 5-Reel, however, the jackpot will be rewarded to those who land a specific sequence in the game itself. The small three reel casino game requires three striped sevens to be landed, while the larger five reel game requires that all five wild symbols be landed. As already said, the chances of landing the jackpot are the same in both games, and cost the same in terms of betting. In the three reel game a player must bet the maximum amount to stand a chance of winning the jackpot, and the same goes for the five reel version. The cost of the maximum bet is the same in both games. And the last thing to mention, like the UFC betting online, this slot can be played on various devices.