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Emerald Isle Online Slot Guide for Players

Emerald Isle Online Slot Guide for Players

Emerald Isle Online Slot Guide

Emerald Isle slot by Cryptologic is available for both free and real money play at the online casinos that support this developer’s software, and the game features five reels and 20 lines for players. The bets per line have a good range, from 0.01 to 5, and the maximum bet possible for play is 100. There is a top payout of x6000, and scatter symbols; wild icons; free spins and an autoplay are provided as well.

Theme for Emerald Isle Slot from Cryptologic

Leprechauns are arguably the one of the most easily identifiable Irish exports, famed as they are in the folklore of that country, and there are many different versions of these fairies extant. The most common interpretation is the depiction of a dwarfish figure, clad in a green suit and hat, making shoes for various supernatural creatures that people the rural areas of Ireland, and this is the one that Emerald Isle slot makes use of.

Leprechauns are remunerated for their work with gold, and they store these riches in a pot nearby, which people throughout the ages have put their best efforts to finding –the cunning and resourcefulness of the leprechauns often being the only thing standing between them and the gold grabs greedy folk attempt whenever the fairies are spotted. Emerald Isle, as Ireland is often known, is also a first-rate online slots game from Cryptologic developers, and its hero is a leprechaun, accompanied by a flame-haired beauty of that land. Players attempt to relieve him of some of his wealth in the way that man has been trying to do for hundreds of years.

Combinations and Payouts for Emerald Isle Slot from Cryptologic

Emerald Isle pokie has combinations forming of identical icons situated alongside one another along a player’s active payline offering payouts, and one; two and three symbols will offer the player a bankroll boost in this manner. The amount that the player receives can be calculated by a multiplication of the special indexes, with information on these provided by the paytable, by that of the bet per line. Scatter icons pay out according to special rules however, and the top prize available is a whopping x6 000, available when the player manages to land five of the substitute symbols.

Symbols for Emerald Isle Slots

Symbols for Emerald Isle Slots

Emerald Isle slot symbols include a red-haired beauty; a pot filled with gold; a four-leaf clover, said to confer luck; and the playing card symbols of nine; ten; jack; queen; king and ace. Like inquiring about online pokies payouts by NZ gamblers, also note that there are several special icons, all provided along with advanced functions, for players to make use of, including a wild, or substitute, symbol, which is an image of the leprechaun himself. Landing just one of these little fellows is enough to pay players out a certain amount of money, and it is also able to fill in the gaps for combinations made up of other icons, thanks to its ability to substitute for the required icons, and can so make up big wins. The only icon which it cannot stand in for is that of the scatter. The wild also functions as the Emerald Isle slot bonus symbol, and can trigger the game’s bonus round when it appears under special conditions.