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Understanding Sports Betting Lines

Understanding Sports Betting Lines

Sports betting beginners often have trouble working out the meaning of the two main types of betting lines. But the reality is that both the moneyline and the point spread bets are easily explained with the help of basic practical examples.

Whenever a betting line is listed, it will contain at least two categories of information: the moneyline and the spread information. Moneyline bets are at the same time easier than point spread bets as well as trickier. This is because moneyline bets simply require of the bettor to place a wager on an outright win, whereas spread betting offers types of bets other than simple “yes” or “no” bets, which obviously involves a more strategic approach.

It’s All Relative

As for which of the two types of betting lines are superior, the short answer is that it all depends on certain conditions.

A big bankroll can make moneyline betting to be a profitable and enjoyable activity, with favourites-style bets capable of creating massive returns. But since the point spread effectively shifts the risk towards the outcome of the score instead of the outcome in terms of “outright winner”, this sort of bet is a whole lot less riskier and wins and losses a great deal more manageable in terms of extent or size.

Money Fight: Value Explained

Ultimately, knowing when it is a good time and opportunity to place a bet is all about finding true value in a given market. And since this involves more than just predicting which team or athlete will win an event or race, the point spread bet does tend to lend itself better towards finding and benefiting from value than what does the moneyline bet.

A premium example of what value perspective looks like is the 2017 UFC match-up that took place between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Dubbed the ultimate “Money Fight”, we now know (some of us saw it all coming back then already!) that this particular fight was the miss-match of all miss-matches.

Many die-hard Irish and Mixed Martial Arts fans backed McGregor out of pure loyalty and passion for the sport, fully believing that the MMA fighter was capable of pulling of the grand switching of codes from free-style fighting to boxing. These supporters believed in McGregor’s ability to pull of something of the miraculous – he was about to fight what many regard to be one of the greatest boxers of all time, after all.

What the matchup-also highlighted once again was that in sports betting, timing is everything, i.e. backing a majority underdog early on in the process will yield much better returns than what would waiting until the day of the actual event.