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Reviewing Sparks Online Casino Slot for Players

Reviewing Sparks Online Casino Slot for Players

America’s online slots enthusiasts have a huge range of tastes and interests, and this variety is reflected in the many different slots themes and quirks of gameplay offered by online casinos in the USA. Globally successful developer NetEnt caters to all sorts, with the variety of their slots covering history and mythology, popular sports and even current TV shows. Sparks is a digital slots title that will appeal to those in a New Age mood, or even fans looking for some relaxing slots play without having to focus on legends, myths or action adventures.

Relaxing Music Meets High-Energy Sparks

Sparks’ five reels are suspended against a soothing purple background, with a restful, repetitive musical accompaniment on keyboard and synthesizer. The calmness of the background belies the intense energy of the icons, however. As the title suggests, the symbols are depicted as fast-moving energy orbitals, in Red, the highest value, then Orange, Green, Purple and Blue. Even the low-value Poker symbols A, K, Q, J and 10 are depicted as colorful spark tracks, and both reels and icons glow against the background.

Added Features

Sparks is one of those NetEnt titles that does not feature a bonus game or progressive jackpots, but the title has other unique features that make up for this. Firstly, the player can choose to play One Way or Both Ways like in a few slots available in modern time. In the latter setting, winning matches can be made as usual on paylines left-to-right from Reel 1, but also right-to-left from Reel 5.

Naturally, this option doubles the amount bet per spin, but it also doubles the player’s winning chances. Sparks does feature a wild symbol; the letter W against a spinning blue energy field. These can come up at random on any reel, and as usual they can combine with any other symbols except the Expanding Cloning Wild to increase the winning paylines.

Expanding Cloning Wild is a Money-Spinner

The Expanding Cloning Wild is Sparks’ most lucrative bonus feature. This is a W against a fiery orange energy cloud, which can expand to stack on two or all three slots on a reel. It only occurs on Reels 2 and 4, but when it does, it clones the icon to the left of it to replace the icon on its right. So if two Expanding Cloning Wilds end up on the same row in Reels 2 and 4, this means a complete 5-icon payline will result. Expanding Cloning Wilds stacked to fill both of those reels, of course, will deliver enormous wins.

Variable Betting Options

America’s online slots fraternity includes both high rollers and players on carefully watched budgets, so it is important for slots titles to cater to all pockets. Sparks’ 20 paylines are fixed; in other words, the player must bet on all 20 for every spin. However, coin values can be set between 0.01 and 2.00, with 10 betting levels per payline, so players can play anything from 0.20 to 200 coins per spin.

The game’s RTP percentage is set at 96.54%, so players may need to stay on the machine for some time before they start triggering big wins. Being able to adjust the bet per spin so widely can be helpful in ensuring the longest possible playing time.