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An Introduction to the Most Popular Sports for Making Bets on

An Introduction to the Most Popular Sports for Making Bets on

Sports betting is a massive international industry that is worth many millions of dollars. Established and licensed sportsbooks allow bettors to wager on their favourite sports events and teams and enjoy a chance at making returns should their bets prove correct.

The sports betting industry covers hundreds of different sports markets as well – not just the usual favourites like football and tennis. With that said, certain sports have proven particularly popular among bettors. Here are the world’s most popular sports to wager on and why they are so highly prized.

The World’s Most Popular Betting Sports

People’s tastes in sport tend to vary from region to region. However, there are some sports that have become so popular among bettors that they have made it onto the global list! The sports that continuously attract the most bets on average are:

  1. Soccer. Bettors around the world appreciate soccer for its wide range of bets and very regular international events.
  2. US Football. US football is renowned globally for its dynamic nature and good potential betting returns.
  3. Basketball. Basketball is a fast-paced sport that often appeals to those punters who enjoy as much action as possible!
  4. Tennis. Tennis is a British classic that has become an international highlight for betting activities, even among royals.
  5. Cricket. Cricket is a complex sport with unique terminology, providing challenging and potentially rewarding wagering opportunities.

Most Popular Sports in the US

Bettors’ tastes are also quite different in the US, where national leagues and collegiate organizations tend to run the show. The NFL has always been legendary among Americans, and the Super Bowl is America’s biggest sporting event by far. The USA’s top sports to bet on include:

  1. US Football. American bettors are very patriotic, so it stands to reason that they would love their own local version of football the most!
  2. Basketball. Basketball has been in high demand in the US for decades. The local betting has also helped to raise interest in the sport.
  3. Baseball. Baseball is another American classic that has been popular in the country for more than a hundred years. Many consider it to be something of an institution among fans.

Most Popular Sports in Europe

Europeans have gravitated towards a different set of sports than their peers in America. Europe’s most popular sport to bet on by far is soccer, and the FIFA World Cup always draws the attention of millions of European residents. These sports are top choices among European bettors:

  1. Soccer. Europe is home to most of the world’s prestigious soccer events, which is why so many Europeans enjoy watching and betting on the sport.
  2. Tennis. Over in the UK (the home of Wimbledon), tennis is a deeply ingrained tradition. The sport even attracts famous spectators and bettors like the royal family and local aristocrats.
  3. Basketball. Basketball is ever-present in the world of wagering, and this is no different in Europe. Betting opportunities for the sport include wagering on national leagues, multi-national leagues, and continental contests.