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Chief’s Magic Slot Details Online

Chief’s Magic Slot Details Online

Chief’s Magic is a classic slots game by Microgaming, based on the often used but always successful theme of Native American Indians. The game has three reels and only one pay line. One to three coins can be stakes, with a denomination that can range from 0.25 up to 5. The maximum wager that you can place in Chief’s Magic slot game is three coins per spin. This can result in a maximum cash investment of 15 coins per spin.  You do have the option of changing your bet, and choosing to bet the maximum via the Bet Max button.

Classic Slot Game Symbols

The symbols in Chief’s Magic are the standard icons used in any classic slot game, including a single bar, double bars and triple bars. There are red 7s, the Logo of the game and the Indian Chief himself, and all are key elements in the game. The objective of Indian Chief’s Magic is to land three matching symbols on the single pay line at the same time.

Chief’s Magic is actually a basic land based casino game that has been modified for an online format. There is no bonus feature and a fairly low payout schedule. The graphics are presentable and the Native American Indian Chief is impressive in his war outfit, carrying a tomahawk. The background shows him probably seated on a horse, poised in front of the Central American landscape reminiscent of many of the Westerns type of movie.

Wagering the Maximum Number of Coins

The amount of your payout on the symbols does depend on the number of coins you wager. Any three of the bars will pay out one, two or three coins, according to a wager of one, two or three coins. The rules of wagering with coins applies to the win of three, six or nine coins you can win for collecting three single bars, or the five, ten or fifteen coins you can win from landing three double bars.  You can win ten, twenty or thirty coins if three treble bars appear on the reels. Three red 7s will bring you an even larger payout, like twenty five, fifty or seventy five coins at online slots casino. Finding three of the Chief’s Magic Logos on the reels will win you a good payout of fifty, a hundred or a hundred and fifty coins.

The Chief’s Magic Jackpot

The great Indian Chief himself is the most valuable symbol, and will pay out the biggest prizes. Even if you have wagered only one coin you will win 150 coins. A two coin stake will win you 300 coins, and for a maximum wager staked you could win a total of 600 coins if you are lucky enough to find three Indian Chief Symbols on the pay line. The highest jackpot win in Chief’s Magic slot game will be $9000, or 3000 coins, at the most.

For all first time gamers, Chief’s Magic offers a great chance to get to know all about wagering on a slot machine, and is an opportunity for free play, or play for fun.